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December 31, 2007

All the same God/dess

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I was talking to an acquaintance.  She’s in her mid 70’s.  Somehow the discussion of prayer came up; we’ve got a mutual friend who has cancer.  But, she wasn’t sure what my religion was.  So, I told her.

She was incensed!  She was upset!!  How could I offer to pray for someone?  Then, of course, the prosetilization began. 

I told her, to cut her off, that all Gods are the same God.  After all, there’s only One God that we view how we wish, and worship how we wish.  That’s why there are so many religions and why the people within each religion and sect of a religion can’t agree on anything except One God.

I told her that I viewed my God as a Woman.

She was sputtering by this time.

So, I said good night and hung up the phone.  It’s a real shame.  How can she begin to think that her God is better than my God if there is only One God?  Does she actually believe that there is more than One God while stating that there is only One God?

 So, the next thought is:  Does she believe that I worship the Devil?  Or that the Devil is a God and that’s who I worship?  Well, the Devil is an adversary of God.  Was the Devil created BEFORE Adam and Eve, after all, if he wasn’t then how could he have been in the Garden of Eden?

But, is he equal to God?  Is he a complete and different entity or a facet of the One God?  And, how come God just doesn’t get rid of him and allow us to live in “His Light”.  If everything is supposed to be in balance, then God, fufilling this balance CAN’T be all good.  He has to be good AND evil.  Therefore it would follow that the Devil is an aspect of God.  Therefore, there is only God with many aspects.  Can’t I then, therefore, worship Her as I see fit?  Is this possible?



So, is this blasphemous?

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I was talking with a friend/customer a few days ago and telling him about my desire to “prove” that we are all worshiping the same god and that I would attempt (with your help of course) to prove this by giving the religious holiday, the reason behind the holiday and how it’s celebrated (thereby showing similarities). He said that this was a blasphemous idea.  I thought, after I hung up the phone, whom I was blaspheming?  Is it all religions that I was blaspheming against?  If this is so, then this is like a back-handed compliment – it actually shows that we’re all worshiping the same God/Goddess. My thought is, if all religions say this then the real problem is about attendance at my church instead of attendance at your church.

So, is this blasphemous?

Is World Peace Possible?

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 What can we all do to use the energy of our combined worship to get closer to the ultimate diety and to create a safe and happy world without changing our own beliefs and our own methods of worship?  Is world peace possible?

I feel that the majority of wars are over land and resources but that the average people are controlled via religion (in whatever form). I feel that if all peoples realize that we are all worshipping the same God/dess with a variety of names and sexes that we, as a general populous, can’t be controlled with religion, thereby grasping our own freedoms and controls.My thought is to prove that we are all worshipping the same God/dess by looking at as many varieties of holidays, reasons for worship on a particular holiday and the dates/seasons of those holidays. If we’re not all worshipping the same diety, then the holidays shouldn’t be for the same reasons.

Assuming that we are all worshipping the same diety, then we should all be able to work together instead of at odds with each other. The separateness of our religious beliefs keeps us all seperate in other ways.

So, the question is: “Is world peace possible?” Your help and knowledge is/would be appreciated.

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