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December 3, 2008

A Magickal Home – Part 1 of 4

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A Magickal Home

Author: Aloramyst
Posted: October 15th. 2006
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When first coming to the craft, many are taught rituals about creating sacred space. A lot of information can be found on how to consecrate and create circles and areas for various magickal applications.

However to date not much has been shared on how to create a magickal home. Only bits and pieces can be found scattered throughout various books and on the Internet. Our homes on this path are the temples that we use to do a lot of magickal workings and as such, to create an environment already set up and ‘ready to go’ is one of the ways that we can be best prepared to do our magickal workings at a moments notice.

It is my intention to share the various ways to incorporate magickal workings into our homes and lives. When walking the path of the craft and after years of reading, studying and practicing, many people have learned easy to use tips and hints to create the desired atmosphere. Many no longer use circles at all to perform magick. However even those who don’t use circles usually have their homes or bodies in some way magickally prepared and ready to work. A witch not only lives within the circle, but also within the world.

You want to create a magickal home? So where to start? Well, it starts with a broom and rag and preparing the environment according to Scott Cunningham in his book "The Magical Household." Cleaning the house may not seem like a magickal task but proper magickal preparation takes some elbow grease and some time and this Witch agrees.

However, being that I am a modern witch, I also use my vacuum and apply some of the same principles that are used with a broom. A clean bag is used (never start with an old one always use a fresh one) and you can throw a little incense into the bag to spread positive cleansing energies while you are cleaning or use a cotton ball scented with your favorite essential oil or liquid potpourri. This will clean and charge the area in one easy step. I rarely use my broom for anything but magick. For cleansings it’s usually my vacuum… outside of circle, that is. My brooms are usually only used for rituals and ceremonial magicks that are conducted outside.

I also use a hardwood floor mop, as it is a wider version of the well advertised ‘Swifter’ and it reaches higher and still has the cleansing effect of a rag. Don’t need to reinvent the wheel so to speak, but being a modern witch does have some perks! If you happen to be someone who doesn’t own one of these devices, you are going to have to use a ladder and rag and scrub. Note: Scrubbing in a clockwise direction will charge the area and cleanse it better.

To cover the basics, you will need salt, hot water, candle, incense or, in our modern day, some liquid potpourri and a burner. I prefer to use rose water or rose scented potpourri. Shhhh… Don’t tell anyone, but I find the store bought stuff works just as good. If you have the time, or have prepared some in advance for this, awesome! If not, know that you can run down to the market.

You will need a stereo of sorts and some good energy music… something that contains an uplifting beat that gets you moving. I like the Celtic Woman CD that is out on the market as it has a good beat and an uplifting feel although some may prefer something more along the lines of Enya or some good ole rock n roll. If it makes you want to move, then it’s good music for magickal cleansing.

You will need a bucket, a rag, and something to drink; peppermint tea is awesome to help keep your energies up. And of course, some great all purpose cleansers. I prefer a cleaner that contains pine oil, a great cleanser for both the physical and spiritual grime. Fill your bucket with the salt and hot water — don’t overload the salt a tablespoon or two will do. I recommend using sea salt or Epsom salts or kosher salt. Add your cleanser and you’re almost ready to begin.

If you are starting out in an already occupied home, you will need to declutter first. A tedious task, I know, and one we often try to put aside, but well worth the effort when done. Declutter and organize. The environment must provide a flow of energies and things cluttered and hiding are not desired for a magickal home.

Yes… that means the third drawer down in the kitchen needs to be cleaned out as well (our favorite spot for catch all that dreaded junk drawer) and also on top of the fridge and don’t forget those end tables and coffee tables that seem to be a magnet for clutter. If you need some help in decluttering, there is a great online site called "The Fly Lady". She gives wonderful tips on how to declutter your home gradually over time and get it all done without feeling overwhelmed. Here is the website for future reference if you so desire, http://www.flylady.com

You can begin with a brief ritual before beginning your chores if you so chose, I personally open the windows and doors, light a candle and put it in my potpourri burner, put on the music and get to work all the while visualizing that I am psychically purging the house and washing it clean.


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