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December 3, 2008

A Magickal Home – Part 3 of 4

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How to determine which room is ruled by which element? You will need to sit down with a pen and paper, light a candle in the room and feel the energies. Use your intuition on this. The list provided above was used for my home. Yours may be different. Don’t worry if one element seems to have more ruling over the house than any other. This happens a lot.

If you also check the numerology of your home, you will find it corresponds with a particular element. When color coordinating the outside of your home, I would take numerology into account and then paint it based on that correspondence. For example, my house number when broken down is an 8 and the element that rules the number 8 is earth. So the exterior of my house painted to the colors of elemental earth would bring harmony to this house and make it more magickal regardless of which direction it is facing.

If you would like to learn more about Elemental Magick, I would recommend this website, http://www.seanachaidh.com/element.html

Here is a list that may assist you in determining what element rules your house in accordance to numerology: First, take your address and break it down to a single digit by adding the numbers together, for example my address is 296 so 2+9+6 = 17 = 1+7 = 8

Zero – Spirit
One – Fire
Two – Water
Three – Fire and Earth
Four – Earth
Five – Air and Fire
Six – Earth and Air
Seven – Water
Eight – Earth
Nine – Fire

Color Correspondences for each of the Elements are:

Earth – Green
Air – Yellow
Fire – Red
Water – Blue
Spirit – White, Black, Gold and Silver some also say purple or violet

If you have studied the elements, you may have more color options available to you as you have a bigger list than this. This is where learning all those correspondences for things come into play, lol! If you are just learning, stick to the basics and make changes as you learn more about the elements.

For the exterior of your home — and the yard in particular — I would incorporate the directions. Feng shui has wonderful information for each direction and element. Decorate in accordance to the correspondences of each thing you put into your yard. (For example, Gnomes go in the north location of your yard.) When planting herbs or trees or anything, look up its magickal correspondence and see what element rules it and then plant it in the matching area.

Sometimes the directions on the seed packages are limited and ‘full sun’ can mean basically anywhere there is full sun, however if the plant is ruled by the north, then placing it in the full sun in the north will bring a much more healthier growth and a magickally charged yard.

This is step three of creating a magickal home: Have fun and let your muses go to town!

Cleansing By The Moon

Now that the house is clean and organized and things are magickally charged, how can we maintain that energy from being overcome once again with negativity? We can cleanse by the moon.

Each day the moon enters a sign and stays there for approximately 2 days. If you have a calendar that marks what sign the moon is in great, you are ahead of the plan. If you don’t, you will have to buy one, download one or create one.

Each day needs to be marked as to what sign the day is in and from these you can mark which element is ruling the day. (Example: the moon is in Taurus and that means that day is ruled by earth.) This in turn means that all of the rooms in the house that are ruled by the earth will need to be cleansed and recharged. Each element rules three signs, so keep that in mind and that the moon enters each element approximately once a week. So basically you are cleansing each room dedicated to an element once a week. This may seem like a lot of cleansing, however well worth it.

How about the rooms that are labeled ‘spirit’? How often do we need to cleanse and recharge them? I would say once a week, regardless of the sign the moon is in. So cleaning your bedroom once a week is a must. When its organized and kept up, it’s a breeze to get done. Pick a day of the week that corresponds with your personal sign. If you find that you cannot keep it up because you have so many other rooms that are dedicated to that element as well, just pick a day, use your intuition, and just get it done once a week.

Now because I use sidereal astrology, my calendar is a little different than the other astrology calendars. Llewellyn has a great one, but I prefer the lunar planner that is provided at this site.


You will need Adobe reader to be able to open this document. Its downloadable and the new calendars are posted each cycle for free. You will find that it is kind of off when comparing it to the other calendars. That is sidereal astrology.

If you use the calendars provided by Llewellyn or others that follow the western astrology, it should still work out for you. The basic principle behind cleansing by the moon is to make sure all the rooms get cleansed once a week. So regardless of the system you use, if you are cleansing each room once a week, your house is going to have good strong positive energies working.

Hints and Tips

Don’t pick one day to do the entire house. Life has a way of creeping up and creating circumstances in which you cannot complete your cleansings. But by spreading them out, all areas can get done and stay charged.


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