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December 3, 2008

A Magickal Home – Part 4 of 4

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If you have elements spread out throughout the house, as most of us do, you can organize your cleaning in a manner wherein you cleanse each element in accordance to its ruling day. However I found in the past by doing that, I over looked things. So now I just do the whole room regardless of the elements that are present. (Example in the kitchen when doing the items ruled by the earth, I also cleansed my stove, sink and windows.) Clean from top to bottom and its all good.

I wish you well with your moon cleansings to bring positive powerful energies into your magickal home.

Almost done, lol. The last step of the creation of a magickal household is finally here. You have cleansed, organized, gotten rid of any of the nasties or ghosts that might have appeared during your cleansings, organized yourself to keep up with cleansings by the moon… So what more do you need to do?

Protection is the answer. This is where we can get really creative and work up some wonderful house protections. Remember to address your thresholds, which are doorways and windows, your corners, and pick your house guardians. Lady Elaine has a wonderful assortment of house protection rituals and tips in her Spell Encyclopedia. Here is the link:


Once all of these things have been done, you are well on your way to creating wonderful positive magick in your home and living a magickal life.

Then off to the yard we go!

L and L


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