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December 3, 2008

Designated Virgin Rule

Filed under: General Information,Humour — ravenbird @ 8:18 pm

Sometimes you just need a virgin to sacrifice. But virgins are  getting very hard to find in the pagan community. What are you going  to do? I think I’ve come up with a solution to this age old problem.
It also takes the concept of recycling to its natural conclusion. I  call this “solution” the “Designated Virgin Rule”

1) Find a person who is willing to be designated as a virgin. (said person may be male or female depending on your  preference)

2) Feed said person appropriate foods, (I.E. cherries, chocolate  cover cherries, cherry pie, etc.)

3) Bathe said person in a bath of scented oils (cherry of course,  cherry juice can be used in a pinch)

4) Smudge said person and anoint with oil (again cherry)

5) Devise a simple ritual asking the God and Goddess to accept said  person as a designated virgin.

6) Sacrifice said persons designated virginity.

7) Repeat as necessary or desired.

I hope this “rule” will solve this problem plaguing our community.


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