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December 3, 2008


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I don’t know if there is such a thing as Women’s mysteries.  I do know that women like to do stuff different from the way that men do stuff.  I realize that this is a generalization but I’ll go with the women vs. men stuff and not try and get all the various degrees of differences in between.

I think, that if you’ve got kids, you want to pass stuff on.  Women in general do the “house/kids” stuff.  It’s a really really important job.  Unless a man wants to push himself into the life of a kid when the child is still an infant, they don’t know or trust this man very much.

Kids have got “mommy” smell in their lungs first thing off.  Same thing with “mommy” smells.  They trust us even when they rebel against us.

So, getting back to the job at hand, the job is to create rituals, stories, family histories (herstories) for this child to remember, to fall back on in times of stress and in times of love.

There’s nothing wrong with picking up a crying baby and also there’s nothing wrong with hugging your 6.5″ son when he wants to cry but society says he can’t.  You’re the mommy.  You have the right and the duty.

Make rituals for them to take away from the home.  Little things.  Light a candle when you feel sad.  Help them, when they’re small, to light a candle (in a safe place) when they are sad.  Place a piece of fruit outside for an animal (bird) when you are happy.  Little things.

It’s the little things that they remember, and laugh at with tears in their eyes, and do.

Do something for each kid that the other kids don’t know about (they can tell each other but for you and that one kid, it’s special – a mystery).  One thing for for sad, one for happy.

Oops, did I overstep and give a men’s and women’s mystery at one time – after all these kids grow up.

So, what are your mysteries?

Blessed Be All,


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