A Wiccan Grove

December 3, 2008


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Hmm, where to start.

If you can see pictures in clouds, shadows, trees, whatever, then you can read tarot (or even tea leaves).

Well, I think, instead of getting the standard, but ugly, tarot, get what you like.  If it’s not pretty, or dramatic, or whatever, and it doesn’t jump off the shelf and smack you up-side the head, then don’t buy it.

Usually the decks come with a book.  Read it and then throw it away.  I know that there are those of us that "must" keep every single book we’ve ever purchased, but throw this one away.  The reason for that is that you will use it and rely upon it instead of relying upon your own innate abilities.  I know it’s hard, but throw it away.

Then the next thing to do is to get out a pencil and paper (not pen) and start laying out cards to make your own layout.  I can see the shock in your faces right now.

Ok, you’re going to make your own layout without knowing (or think you don’t know) anything about the cards except that the pictures really turn you on.

Ok, so, put down a card – either face up or down (as you please).  Draw a box on the paper.  Write in that box "face up (or down)" in the box.  Give this card POSITION a name and give the box a number.  Does it represent you or the person being read?  Is it "Now" or is it "Past"?  (my ideas).  What is this card for?  What does it represent?

Keep going drawing boxes and making names for the POSITIONS of the cards until, you’ve had enough.  And, don’t forget to number as you go.

Now, go back and look at the cards.  Another decision.  Do you read cards reversed?  (upside-down)?  I don’t.  Only because I don’t like looking at them upside-down and I figure there are enough cards in the deck to indicate the negative (even if it starts out being a positive card – if it’s in the "wrong" place – it’s negative).

Ok, we’ve got a layout and a decision about how to look at the cards.  Next, the cards themselves.

Now, I’m a Leo.  I’m totally not subjective about myself, although I have given myself some accurate readings – I have to record them or write them down because, like everyone, I’ll remember what I want to remember.

Ok, so here we go.  Reading in order of the numbers of the positions look at each card.  Start talking aloud.  Tell a story about this card.  Stuff will start coming through, believe it or not, and keep talking about this card until you can’t think of anything else to say.  Then look at the card/s next to it and relate between the two (or however many) and then read each adjacent card individually (or do it the other way around.).  In either case, read them how you FEEL.

So, there you go.

My hardest part in getting this across to people, is to get them to believe that what they are reading is from the God/dess.  That they do have the ability.  That it’s not a sin to use the gifts given, etc. etc. (whatever your argument may be).

You’ve got it.  Use it.  Then get on with it.

I hope the above is helpful to you.

Blessed Be All of You,


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