A Wiccan Grove

December 3, 2008

Wonder what all those degrees and titles are for?

Filed under: General Information,Humour — ravenbird @ 8:16 pm

Wonder what all those *degrees* and *titles* are for?  Here’s your answer!
Runs into small buildings, recognizes a locomotive two out of three times, frequently wets self with a water pistol, can do the doggy paddle and mostly mumbles to animals.

First Degree Initiate:
Clears a small hut, loses the race with a locomotive, can fire a speeding bullet, swims well and is occasionally addressed by God.

Second Degree Initiate:
Leaps short buildings with a running start and favorable winds, is faster than a BB, more powerful than a railroad hand-car, walks on water in a swimming pool and talks to God… if a special request is approved.

Third Degree Initiate:
Leaps short buildings in a single bound, more powerful than a switch engine, is just as fast as a speeding
bullet, walks on water…if the sea is calm and talks to God.

High Priest:
Leaps tall buildings with a single bound, is more powerful than a locomotive, is faster than a speeding
bullet, walks on water and dictates policy to God.

High Priestess:
Lifts tall buildings to walk under them, kicks locomotives off the track, catches speeding bullets in her teeth and freezes water with a single glance.  SHE IS GOD.


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