A Wiccan Grove

December 18, 2008

In the Beginning

In the beginning, the earth was without form or void, and there was
nothing but the great “Self”, a lone being floating in the vast
emptiness of space. A single pinprick of light silhouetted against a
boundless sea of emptiness. The “Self” floated out in the profusion
of time for untold millennia before it had a thought. One solitary
thought, but a profound one. Self thought “I am”, and as soon as Self
thought “I am” s/he created the concept of “I” and grew afraid. For
countless years, floating in the blackness of space, Self was afraid,
pondering the concept of “I”, but eventually s/he reasoned and thought
“of whom am I afraid, since there is no one but myself?” By this
reasoning fear was eliminated.

No sooner had Self eliminated fear then s/he thought “I wish there were
another!” And s/he was adrift in the emptiness of space brooding about
his/her loneliness, when a thought suddenly struck him/her. Now Self was a
being about the size of a man and woman embracing, and his/her thought
was, since it is only I, I should separate myself into two beings.
And having this thought his/her body began to tremble and quake in the
first orgasm of being. S/he felt his/her body move, and separate. There
was pain and passion, fire and lightening, and screams of joyful
agony. A horrendous crack sounded and a second voice filled the
silence of space. A soft and melodious voice, an angelic and
bewitching voice, the voice of the first woman.

Self looked upon this new creation and realized that s/he had crafted
duality. From the genderless body of Self, s/he had split himself into
two being, one male and one female. And upon looking at his new
creation he fell instantly in love. Seeing her enchanting beauty
profiled against the bleakness of space he was enraptured with her.
And Self’s mate looked upon him with lust in her eyes, and she mounted
him.  And from that first embrace, mankind was born.


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