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December 20, 2008

A meal for Chango/Shango

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Turtle Soup

On one day, prepare soup with meat from a turtle that is of medium-
size (the meat must be washed well). At that moment of making the
soup, saute a good amount of sauteed tomatoes in a frying pan with
butter and cayenne pepper. Cut the meat into pieces and put it on
the fire in the broth. Add tomatoes and cayenne
pepper that have been passed through a sieve. Add a
laurel leaf, pepper, cumin, salt, a bit of cinnamon, nutmeg,
oregano, fresh basil and parsley. Finish cooking the
soup with it covered. Upon serving it, pour in it some dry wine and
a pinch of sugar.

Main Dish: Peppered Goat
Cut into quarters goat meat (or the goat itself if you have one) in
very big pieces. Season it incrusting (or inlaying… I think that
they mean season this on the inside, kinda like a marinade) with
pepper (spice), ginger, and basil. Leave it for 5 or 6 hours in the
dressing before cooking. Allow it to brown by setting it over the
grill. With brush strokes, add garlic sauce constantly. When the
meat has been browned, cook it with dry wine on a moderate (medium)
flame. Right before it finishes cooking, prepare garlic sauce with a
lot of pepper (spice), garlic, lemon and basil and cover the meat
with it. Maintain the fire (continue cooking it) until it softens.

Complementary Dish: Red Beans (Frijoles Colorados)
Cook a pound of red beans in 1.5 liters of cold water with salt.
Leave it to boil and spoon out the foam. Add spoons (the size of a
ladle) of tinted wine, an onion, cloves, and pieces of carrots. Cook
it on a low fire. Mash up onion and carrots [into a puree]. Add the
puree and a little oil to the beans, and let it cook on a low flame
until it thickens.

Auxiliary Dish: Machuquillo (don’t know this word)
Fry green plaintains as you would fried green bananas and make (or
add?) crackling pork. Take both ingredients and pass them through a
grinding machine. Fry them again. The mixture can serve in a cake-
like form, in small or ungrained(?) balls, seasoned with salt and
lemon to your liking.

Pastry: Ripe, Grilled, Little Plaintains
Put the little plaintains, without their skins, into a plain cake tin
or iron and place it over the grill. Pour over it a mixture of oil,
dark brown sugar and sweet wine. Cover the cake tin and put it over
the grill. When it is cooked, sprinkle the little plaintains with a
little honey.


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