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January 25, 2011

I’ve been just grabbed by Maa Durga

I’ve been just grabbed by Maa Durga.  She is beautiful. 

Things/articles/videos  have come to me from very unexpected places.  i.e.  I received an email, one of those pass this to everyone types, that had a wish for money with a picture of the goddess Lakshmi sitting on a lotus leaf with gold coins all around her and dripping from her hands.  I was shocked to see that it had been to bunches of people (you know how the headers look in email) before it came to me.  The woman who sent it to me has no idea of my interest in the Hindu religion.

Maa Durga is a Hindu goddess.  I was astonished, way back when, to find that there was a major religion that was based on a goddess as the primary ultimate reality.  And, they treat their women as goddesses as much as possible considering the influences from the other patriarchal traditions/religions.  Much better than America.

She is the mother of everything and created the men too (can you believe that?).  She has many sides, Lakshmi and Kali are two of the many.  So, her good and bad sides are always with her.  

Where there is light there is dark. Where there is dark, there is light.  The song, Everything She touches changes, shows both sides of her too.   As above, so below, also explains it.  We can’t be all good.  It’s impossible.  How about a conglomeration like our Goddess?  After all, we are the Goddess.  She has our names and we have Hers.

Durga is an ancient Hindu warrior goddess who protects you. She is formed from the energies of the angriest deities and endowed with a weapon from each. She is often known in Hindu literature as the fierce form of Parvati, Shiva’s wife. Durga is probably the most singular and long lasting image of the Devi, the overarching female deity in India.

In the story of Durga, the demon Mahisha (in the form of a buffalo) acquired great power threatening even the stability of the gods themselves by conducting severe penances. The gods, helpless against Mahisha, begged powerful Durga to subdue him. Entering into battle against Mahisha with her mascot – a lion – beside her she subdued her foe while maintaining a detached calm, as if the outcome was never in question! She restored cosmic equilibrium as well as demonstrating her superiority over other gods.  Durga is hardly an ascetic meditating alone, but her energy field is one of overcoming demons.

Sounds like Z to me.

Here we see Durga in her calm mode sitting on her lion, holding her weapons, assuring you of assisting 
in conquering your demons!

She is the embodiment of wherewithal; wealth and the ability to accomplish great things.  Vaishno Devi, who combines elements of Lakshmi and Durga, is an extremely benevolent  manifestation of the eternal virgin who gives material well-being to her worshipers. One million pilgrims travel annually to her cave shrine in the foothills of the Himalayas, about fifty kilometers north of the city of Jammu.

Blessed Be All of you and have you a hug full day.


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