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January 25, 2011

My theory of how men came to power.

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My theory of how men came to power.
or – how the god got to be in control.

by Raven Crone

We, Cherie and I, were talking about stuff.  She said she had heard, somewhere on TV, and it’s been proven women let men rule when food is scarce.  I haven’t found any official someone to verify this statement, but the statement is all over the internet.(1)  Myth?  I think I’ll go for it.  Sounds right to me.

Anyway, the theory is men can hunt while women took care of everything else.  Conversely, when food wasn’t a problem, women invariably ruled.

Well tonight, I watched the Discovery Channel (2) and they were talking about why the Egyptian Empire disappeared – very fast too, in less than one year.

Ending about 6,500 years ago, Africa was lush all over the continent.(3)  Then, the gulf stream changed.  The weather became almost arctic in places like England, France, North America and Russia.  At the same time, the Sahara Desert was born.  People moved towards the still running Nile.  As a result of so many artistic types coming together with farmers, stone masons and everyone else of talent, the Egyptian civilization began.  Goddesses were still primary but people were scared and after about 100 years of this drought the people changed.  But, still they hadn’t forsaken Her.  The Nile made life wonderful.  They still believed.

People got used to each other and things moved along pretty good although there now existed wars and such.  Wars weren’t necessary when the Goddess ruled.

Around 4,000 years later (2,500 BC), the gulf stream changed again.(4)  Things got so bad people ate their children.  Faith was lost.  Various opportunists took advantage of the situation and here we are today.  Lower Egypt had water during this time.  The people arriving in Lower Egypt were described as Locust who would trade all their wealth for a small measure of barley.

The problem now is the gulf stream has changed somewhat in 2004 when the Christmas Eve Tsunami occurred and the earth shifted 1 degree.  I find it strange no one ever talked about the shift of the earth on the weather channels. (5)

So, there you go in a nutshell.  So, the problem is how do we reclaim our power?  Politics is good, get involved in your community, teach your kids.  People move by example.

Keep this in mind as 2012 creeps up.  We women might be able to use this fear to our advantage.

Blessed Be Women and all Her works

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