A Wiccan Grove

February 23, 2011

Shift in consciousness

Hi Y’all,

This is not spam nor anything of that sort.  I just want you all to know that I’ve had a shift in consciousness and an epiphany and a “I told you so” at the same time.

This is the cause:  http://p5y.org/ Peace has a date.  My thought with this is if you don’t set a goal you CAN’T reach the end result because there is none designated to be received.  There will never be peace because we’ve (humanity) never set a goal date to achieve peace.

http://thezeitgeistmovement.com and particularly (or specifically – from the same people) http://vimeo.com/13726978

Those of you who have spent time with me will hear my voice in a lot of this stuff.

My problem is that I just didn’t get it all cohesively in one spot.  These people have been in my mind (I’m sure of it – LOL).

I don’t yet know what to do with this information except let other people know.  I feel very happy, almost bubbly – can you believe – that this information is out there now.   Therefore, I ask, please pass this on to someone else who may be interested.

Take care and have a hug full day,


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