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April 21, 2017

Wiccan-grove.com Hack

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Hi Y’all,

My website, Wiccan-grove.com has been hacked again.  Since we now have “overseer” websites out there in the world that keeps a list of “bad” sites and stops them from infecting your smart devices and computers, it’s very difficult to get the site removed from their lists.

Since this has happened on an average of every two years for the twenty years the site has been live, I’ve decided, at this time, not to resurrect the site.  I may decide to just get a new domain name and work from there.

Wiccan-grove.com was primarily for presenting my BOS “Serpentine Grove”.  A free PDF of the book is available at http://wiccan-grove.com/Serpentine%20Grove.pdf



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