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January 14, 2012

Prayer Beads

I’ve got a few (actually a lot) of prayer beads but have used all of them as “Affirmation Beads”.  This is the first set that I’ve consciously created for the purpose of prayer and have used it as such.  I believe the following two pictures are self explanitory.  If you’ve got an additional view of each of the “quarters” please let me know.

I feel that the order of prayer should be North to East to South to West.  When my mother-in-law passed, I wanted to thank the Goddesses for her easy passing.  I found myself using the beads “backwards”.  From North to West and around.

You need to use/do what is right for your and your intentions.

Prayer bead arrangement chart

Prayer bead arrangement chart

My prayer beads

Have a Hug Full Day,



January 5, 2012

Maiden, Mother, Crone and Healer

It’s been a while but I’ve been searching.  I’ve talked before about the fourth goddess/woman/moon-phase.  Some call Her “Birth” and some “Death” but I wanted something, in the English language that would roll off the tongue too and fit in with the words “Maiden”, “Mother” and “Crone”.  Well, to me, “Healer” works.  And, when you think of it, it really works.  Not just the word itself (syllables) but the meaning of the word and when you think of death and life, Healer works there too as both.

So, just a heads up to see the full Goddess (and all Women) in all Her aspects and all Her power – including life and death – Healer is it.  And, when you think of artist, isn’t she a healer too?  Healing the psych and the eyes, ears, touch, taste (including the food variety of artist)?

Healer it is for me.  Feels right when I say it.  Feels right in the heart too.

Maiden, Mother, Crone, Healer

Blessed Be and have a hug full day,


Well, since I wrote this, I’ve reversed myself. I believe no one likes to say the name “Death” and neither did/do I. But, a it may, Her name is Death and she is a healer.

Saying the name Death as a name and not a “word” feels softer even knowing what the word means. It seems to make the meaning softer and easier too. After all, sometimes Death is a kindness and of course there are the other times. There must be balance.

Kinda scary to accept this.

Blessed Be,


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