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December 20, 2008


Hmm, where to start.

If you can see pictures in clouds, shadows, trees, whatever, then you can read tarot (or even tea leaves).

Well, I think, instead of getting the standard, but ugly, tarot, get what you like. If it’s not pretty, or dramatic, or whatever, and it doesn’t jump off the shelf and smack you up-side the head, then don’t buy it.

Usually the decks come with a book. Read it and then throw it away. I know that there are those of us that “must” keep every single book we’ve ever purchased, but throw this one away. The reason for that is that you will use it and rely upon it instead of relying upon your own innate abilities. I know it’s hard, but throw it away. (more…)


Book of Shadows

The book Serpentine Grove, on the main site, is also a book of Lights. The book of Shadows, the spells, are not included although a talk on spellcasting is.

Go here to read it online: Serpentine Grove to open a new page.

What are spells, really?

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I’ve always told people that spells are prayers which involve your entire body.

If you stop and think of it, most people pray according to their base religion. Some stand, some sit, some kneel, some do combinations of all of the above. The Catholics are really cool in that they keep their congregation from boredom by making them do all of the above during the ritual.

We do the same, but I think we have more fun at it.

We don’t kneel much though (unless it’s to light the fire – unless we can think of a more dramatic way of lighting it). Maybe, since almost all of us came from a different religious background, should incorporate, instead of run from, kneeling as part of our prayer (spell work).

I’m thinking that if we kneel, then that old (black magic? – sorry, I’m into songs sometimes) religious learning that we’ve had ingrained into our cells will kick in and help us to realize that spellwork is prayer.

Blessed Be All of You,

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